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Fine Fluorides

Barium Fluoride :


Powder for Optical Materials

MPIL high purity BaF2 powder is suitable for optics applications.

BaF2 is transparent from UV to IR and used for making optics components such as lenses and windows. It is most resistant to high energy radiation and is a very fast scintillator.

Some important end uses of BaF2 are:

  • Detection of X-rays and Gamma-rays
  • IR spectroscopy especially oil analysis
  • PET (Positron Emission Tomography) for detection of cancer cells
  • Space optics




Material Barium Fluoride
Chemical Formula BaF2
Grade Optical Grade [Spec Rev. BFOG0316]
Form Free flowing powder
Purity - BaF2 min % 99.99
Moisture content @ 105°C max % 0.50
Impurity Profile:
Element Symbol Unit Value
Antimony Sb max ppm 1
Cadmium Cd max ppm 1
Chromium Cr max ppm 1
Cobalt Co max ppm 1
Copper Cu max ppm 1
Iron Fe max ppm 5
Manganese Mn max ppm 1
Molybdenum Mo max ppm 1
Nickel Ni max ppm 1
Titanium Ti max ppm 1
Tungsten W max ppm 1
Vanadium V max ppm 1