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Fine Fluorides

Calcium Fluoride :


Powder for Optical Materials

MPIL high purity CaF2 powder is suitable for optics applications.

CaF2 is transparent over a very broad range of wavelengths – from deep UV to IR. For this reason it is used for manufacture of optics components such as lenses, prisms and windows. Other favourable properties include very low solubility in water, low refractive index and dispersion, high laser damage threshold, high chemical resistance to most acids (other than sulphuric acid) and a wide working temperature range from cryogenic to 500°C.

Some important end uses of CaF2 are:

  • Excimer laser optics for microlithography
  • Optics for high resolution cameras, telescopes, microscopes and spectroscopes
  • UV and IR optics
  • Thermal imaging, Night vision systems
  • Photoluminescence




Material Calcium Fluoride
Chemical Formula CaF2
Grade Optical Grade [Spec Rev. CFOG0316]
Form Free flowing powder
Purity - CaF2 min % 99.99
Moisture @ 105°C max % 0.50
Impurity Profile:
Element Symbol Unit Value
Antimony Sb max ppm 1
Cadmium Cd max ppm 1
Chromium Cr max ppm 1
Cobalt Co max ppm 1
Copper Cu max ppm 1
Iron Fe max ppm 5
Manganese Mn max ppm 1
Molybdenum Mo max ppm 1
Nickel Ni max ppm 1
Titanium Ti max ppm 1
Tungsten W max ppm 1
Vanadium V max ppm 1