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73 Ta180.95


Tantalum Pentoxide :


Standard Grade

MPIL Standard Grade Ta2O5 is suitable for production of tantalum carbide, tantalum based master & super alloys and can also be reduced to produce high purity tantalum metal for various applications. Some of our customers further purify this grade for use in high tech electronics applications.




Material Tantalum Pentoxide
Chemical Formula Ta2O5
Grade Standard Grade [Spec Rev. TOSG0416]
Form Free flowing powder
Purity - Ta2O5 [Excl. F & L.O.I.] min % 99.95
B.D. min g / cc 1.0
L.O.I. @ 1050 oC max % 0.2
Impurity Profile:
Element Symbol Unit Value
Antimony Sb max ppm 20
Chromium Cr max ppm 20
Fluorine F max ppm 250
Iron Fe max ppm 50
Manganese Mn max ppm 20
Molybdenum Mo max ppm 20
Nickel Ni max ppm 20
Niobium Nb max ppm 100
Silicon Si max ppm 100
Titanium Ti max ppm 20
Tungsten W max ppm 20


In 50 L plastic drums with inner plastic liner (Alternative packing can be arranged on request)