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Founded in 2001, Metallurgical Products India (P) Ltd. is a family owned company, headed by Mr. Vinod Kumar and Mr. Pranav Mathur. Operations are professionally run by a well-qualified and committed team having rich and varied industrial experience.

  • MPIL is focussed on development and production of high purity, speciality chemicals for high tech industries worldwide.
  • MPIL's manufacturing facility and registered office is situated in MIDC-Taloja, a well-developed industrial area on the outskirts of Mumbai and just 35 Km from Nhava Sheva, India's main sea port.
  • MPIL's dedicated Research & Development team is charged with development of new products and processes as well as improvements in current ones.


Tantalum & Niobium :

MPIL is India's first specialist manufacturer and exporter of Tantalum & Niobium based products. With over a decade of commercial production to our credit, we have gained recognition globally as a reliable member of the Ta & Nb supply chain with satisfied customers in Asia, Europe and North America.We specialise in being able to process a wide range of primary and secondary raw materials, many of which are considered 'too challenging to use'.

Fine Fluorides :

In 2016, MPIL decided to address the market for high purity metal fluorides for optics applications. With our focus on Calcium Fluoride, Magnesium Fluoride and Barium Fluoride, we plan to produce highly purified grades of these fluorides for single crystal, sputtering target and anti-reflective coating applications. We have developed processes to produce these fluorides in powder form with good flowability and narrow particle size distribution.

  • These fluorides are characterised by low refractive index and high Abbe Number, limiting spectral dispersions and internal reflections to a minimum and maximizing EM energy throughput.
  • Single crystals made from such fluorides are cut and polished to produce lenses, prisms and windows used extensively in microlithography – laser etching electronic circuits for microprocessors, memory chips, DRAM, etc.
  • The trend is to make lasers with shorter wavelengths in the UV range for higher cutting power as well as finer laser etching. Other end uses such fluoride based components include thermal imaging and night vision equipment, high resolution cameras, telescopes, spectroscopes etc.
  • Sputtering targets made from such fluorides are used for PVD (physical vapour deposition) for anti-reflective coatings.
  • Such fluorides are also used in OLED / PLED screens and for thermo, photo & electro luminescence. They are also doped with rare earths and used as phosphors.

MPIL is investing its resources in this expanding field of high tech materials, and it is emerging as a major diversification step.

Tungsten :

MPIL produces Ferro-Tungsten, for use in the manufacture of high-speed steel, tool steel, super alloys used in blades and other wear resistant components of land / air turbines, defence equipment etc.

Bulk Chemicals :

MPIL also produces commercial grades of Calcium Fluoride for bulk applications in ceramics, welding electrodes, metallurgical flux, brake linings etc.

Values & Relationships

"It is most exciting to note how these materials have been used to change our daily lives. We are humbled when we look at the work done by some of the leading companies in the field of chemical metallurgy. In our own small way, we share with them the passion and spirit of enterprise."

– Vinod Kumar (Managing Director)

  • At MPIL, we take pride in our work and ensure that every shipment from our factory meets laid down specifications.
  • We take customer feedback very seriously and strive to be most attentive and prompt to respond to their needs.
  • We travel the extra mile to develop long-standing relationships with miners and mineral suppliers. We work closely with local mining communities in some African countries and provide them training in mining, assaying, mineral beneficiation, and safety.

Memberships & Accreditations

  • Corporate member of the TIC (Tantalum-Niobium International Study Centre), a Belgium based global industry association.
  • Conflict Free Tantalum Smelter, approved by the CFSI (Conflict Free Smelter Initiative) in accordance with EICC / GeSI (Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition / Global e-Sustainability Initiative) guidelines.
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified.
  • Full member of iTSCi (ITRI Tin Supply Chain Initiative)
  • Recognized In-House R&D Unit by Govt. of India, Ministry of Science and Technology (DSIR)

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